A Guide to Development Risk Mitigation through Energy Planning in California [eBook]

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California is home to a fairly complex and advanced energy saving policy which influences the way we move around, the type of houses and buildings we occupy, the myriad of top-notch mechanical equipment that have become part of our daily lives, and even the impact we make on the environment.

As with any set of regulations, the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (often referred to as Title 24 Code) is a framework for compliance for new construction and rehabilitation. 

Recent code changes open the possibility for architects, engineers and developers to make mistakes that, if go undetected, can become costly risks for a development project.

The costs associated with the various risks and how to avoid and / or manage them, is the main focus of this eBook.



At E3 California, we believe in the importance of sharing our experience based on the notion that energy planning integrated into every development stage project, is the best tool to both minimize and avoid compliance risks.

We hope this short eBook, A Guide to Development Risk Mitigation through Energy Planning in California, will spark a genuine interest in energy planning for efficiency and sustainability while providing a more solid knowledge base for our building industry partners.

Topics covered in this publication:

  • Budget Risks
  • Compliance Risks
  • 4 Phases to Energy Efficiency Compliance
  • An Energy Planning Roadmap


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