An Architect’s Handbook on California’s 2016 Energy Code [eBook]

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Today’s architects in California are not only challenged to create spaces that satisfy clients’ needs, but are also increasingly being asked to incorporate yet another consideration into their design projects: rising mandates for building energy efficiency.

Architects who understand building energy performance and can evaluate the energy consumption of projects early in the design process are more capable of creating buildings that meet local regulations.

What should you, as an architect, know in order to ensure that your blueprints perform?

In this eBook, we provide a basic introduction to some of the varied and complex issues associated with California’s building energy codes, and the new role architects need to play.


Topics covered in this eBook


  • Reimagining the Design Process
  • Facilitating Energy Code Compliance for Architects
  • Energy Modeling as a Design Tool
  • The Role of Architects in Supporting the Energy Code
  • How Can Energy Consulting Firms Prove Helpful?

E3 speaks energy. We are fluent in load calculations as well as 3-D and performance modeling.


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