The ABCs of Maximizing Commercial Development Through Energy Planning [eBook]

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A world leader in art and innovation, California is also the leading U.S. state in energy efficiency. Processes and technologies to build and operate energy efficient buildings and homes are getting more sophisticated, and penalization for incompliance with energy standards more rigorous.

Building code updates have left architects and developers with new challenges and ever-stricter guidelines as they create spaces that complement clients’ needs, optimize energy saving solutions, and still meet the state’s rigorous energy requirements. These challenges define a whole new level of expertise for design/build teams.

How does the California Energy Code affect development projects? What should architects and developers know about it? How does it impact development costs? Would you need to change your development vision?

The purpose of this eBook, The ABCs of Maximizing Commercial Development Through Energy Planning, is to answer the concerns raised above, as well as share our insights about the importance of including smart energy planning in your pro forma in order to drive a better yield from your development projects in California.

Topics covered in this publication:

  • Energy planning: Value beyond cost savings
  • Enhancing sustainable developments
  • The Devil is in the numbers
  • Mapping out your energy plan
  • Partner with the experts


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