Why Failing Energy Inspections Can Be Fatal for Your Bottom Line

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Affordable housing developments walk a fine line when it comes to budgeting. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why not passing mandated HERS inspections can cause a project timeline to fall apart and the best methods to circumvent this risk entirely.

The code

California’s current energy code is complicated, specific and riddled with compliance requirements.  Energy code compliance is a big weight to carry on top of everything else that a developer has to oversee.  Correction notices given by HERS raters only mean that the measure they are inspecting did not pass code the first time and will require the installing contractor or sub- contractor to make the required repairs or adjustment before a 2nd inspection can be scheduled thus incurring additional time and material costs plus retest fees for compliance. 

A rebuild or site shut-down will affect your target yield. Having to pull out all of the insulation because the materials used in construction did not meet code will take away from your target yield. Having to re-size systems away from the construction plan set on site because the implementation of an energy system does not deliver as planned will cost you money. Even not having all the correct paperwork when installing HVAC systems will cause delay and often cost time and money beyond the original estimate.

The solution

We have good news and bad news. We’ll start with the bad.

The bad news is that for all of the reasons that we have discussed, not passing required inspections are a terrible time and money trap.

The good news is that this risk is easily preventable.

An energy consultant can ensure that a code compliant Title 24 is included in the project’s construction documents and offer Trades Training for skilled trades contractors focused on what inspectors will be looking for during testing and inspections and to further train them on the proper installation procedures to ensure HERS inspections are passed with flying colors.


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