Can Architects and Developers Save Money Through Energy Planning?

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If you’re an architect working on the design of a high performance commercial or residential building in California, getting advice from an energy efficiency consultant at the earliest stages of the project can really pay off.

Architects and designers hire energy consulting firms for a number of reasons, but specifically for the added benefits they provide. Energy consultants are uniquely qualified to compile and examine the data required to make code-compliant and cost-effective design decisions from the outset, and to develop blueprints that help achieve successful outcomes.

Only energy consultants possess the prior experience and specific skillsets needed to add optimum value.

But the reason you are reading this is to find out how they can save your architecture firm money, so here are some of the ways engaging an experienced energy consultant leverages saving potential for any architectural design project across California:

  • They will evaluate your building envelope, insulation, airflow and all of your major assemblies, and make timely recommendations to ensure compliance with local energy regulations.
  • They will model your building to point out problem areas and guide you toward effective solutions.
  • They will make recommendations on your energy rates and help you find the best energy providers and programs for your needs.

  • They will work to identify incentive programs to help with increased energy efficiency and capital equipment upgrades.
  • They will chart a course tonavigate the ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations in California. They will show you the simplest way from start to the finish line.
  • They will run simulations with many possible sets of solutions in order to find the best and most cost-effective overall design.

In closing

E3 California is committed to adding value to our clients wherever possible.

We offer a full suite of energy and sustainability services to ensure total energy costs are maximized, while helping to minimize environmental impacts. These services are tailored to the unique needs and requirements of our clients’ projects.

Our Consultants are trained to identify the most efficient ways to improve energy use within commercial or residential buildings. They work directly with you to identify issues and opportunities to save energy and save money.


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